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Phalanx Biotech has positioned itself as a robust biotechnology business. We believe that the development will go beyond Taiwan and benefit the world. Phalanx Biotech welcomes anyone with the same goals to bring forth the new era of biotechnology.
With our core values lie in ingenuity, innovation, selflessness and persistence, Phalanx Biotech looks for anyone seeking something more beyond success!

Joining Phalanx Biotech

To join Phalanx Biotech, you need to undergo the following procedures.

Search Vacancies

For currently available positions, visit and search for “Phalanx Biotech”


CV Screening

Upon receiving your resume, a screening will be held. Anyone passing the first screening will be contacted for a further interview.

Job Interview

Interview processing. Before the interview, you will be asked to complete forms. The talk will allow you to further understand Phalanx Biotech and the job you’re looking for. The result notification will be made by phone call or mail.

Offer Letter Issued

Issuing the offer letter. We carefully assess the results of the talk, and inform you by phone call. The original copy of the letter document will be delivered by mail.

Find a brighter future with Phalanx Biotech!

Contact us

You’re more than welcome to contact us for the information of recruitment.

Human Resource, Phalanx Biotech

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