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Genetic development & industrial excellence based in Taiwan

Phalanx Biotech, headquartered in Taiwan for 17 years, is dedicated to the development of genetic detection platform, incorporated with microarrays, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and big data analysis for health informatics, positioning as the only microarray developer in Asia. The core services of Phalanx Biotech lie upon five areas within reproductive medicine (prenatal/postnatal testing), population medicine, medical oncology, liver DNA methylation test, and scientific research services.

Reproductive Medicine - Phalanx Biotech self-developed the product of chromosomal microarray-"CytoOneArray", which can identify chromosomal aneuploidy and other large changes in the structure of chromosomes in prenatal and postnatal testing. CytoOneArray is capable of detecting more than four hundred diseases per test, effectively for developmental delay and intellectual disability. It provides advanced genetic diagnostic tools for obstetricians and pediatricians.

Population Medicine - Risk and predisposition assessment for obesity, 13 chronic diseases and 17 cancers. Additionally providing custom arrays for SNP genotyping and custom-designed services for consumer genetic testing.

Medical Oncology - Provides genetic tests for new generation cancer medications for the treatment tailored to each patient.

Liver DNA Methylation Test - A breakthrough genetic testing development by leveraging DNA methylation markers for early liver cancer detection and screening.

Scientific Research Services - Offers a large suite of microarray platforms to fulfill your expression profiling needs, and also act as an ODM/OEM provider for microarray customization by leveraging certified genomic laboratory. Phalanx Biotech has been in close cooperation with the National Health Research Institute, medical centers and academic sphere. More than 300 articles have been published to date.

Comprehensive genetic testing services

Microarray reagent

Microarray design & Reagent development
  • Stringent QC: real-time online operation, ISO-certified Rapid, bulk production with contactless rapid point arranging technology

Development and customization

Scientific Research Services & Production and manufacture
  • Customizable microarray: Variety in base materials, probe design and bulk production Reagent design, development, production Customized test services (Array, qPCR, NGS…) Other gene detection platforms

Detection services

Clinical test & Genetic consultations
  • Phalanx Biotech covers from sample preparation, detection test to data analysis Convenient and speed: One microarray for one sample, providing high flexibility in sample volume


Platform analysis & Cloud calculation
  • Microarray/NGS data analysis: Multi-platform data analysis Affymetrix and/or Illumina CytoCloud calculation platform: Rapid and convenient

The only original developer and manufacturer for microarrays in Asia


Phalanx Biotech is active in the communication with experts and scholars around the globe to assist in the commercialization of research results. By providing a series of solutions, we aim for a better future with the advancements in genetic science and precision medicine.