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Satisfy your needs in prospective research and developmentPhalanx Biotech excels in shedding new light on disease progress and is an advocate of the early research and development of medications dedicated in drug substance discovery, target verification and pre-clinical researches. Phalanx Biotech is a seasoned and reliable partner of scientists and companies around the world. Phalanx provides customized services tailored to your needs to realize your goals. Our core service includes the platform required for the research and verification for the following field of science:我要諮詢ResearchArrayNext Generation Sequencing (NGS)DNACytoOne ArrayCustom MicroarrayWhole Exome Sequencing (WES)Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)Targeted SequencingMetagenomic SequencingRNAHuman One Array(HOA)Human microRNA One Array(HmiOA)Mouse One Array(MOA)Rat One Array(ROA)Mouse/Rat microRNA One Array(MRmiOA)RNA Sequencing (Quantification/Transcriptome)Small RNA sequencingEpigeneticsMethylation ArrayChromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (CHIP-seq)Functional AnalysismiRNA MimicsmiRNA InhitiborsCRISPR/Cas9 for cell engineeringOur experts can help you with experiment design and further analysis to ensure that your research fulfill its intended goals. Phalanx Biotech is reliable as your genetic lab and bioinformatic analysis!