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Custom Microarray Design & Printing Services

Our Phalanx Biotech Group high volume production facility offers microarray printing services at any stage of product development, from pilot testing to production. We combined our expertise in engineering and manufacturing to invent and patent a novel microarray production technology. We are capable of producing thousands of DNA microarrays in a single batch with exceptional spot-to-spot and array-to-array consistency and with outstanding intra-spot homogeneity.


  • We can print virtually any biomolecule, including oligonucleotides, large DNA fragments, peptides, proteins, and glycans.
  • Custom microarrays are printed on standard glass slides.
  • Choose a format that fits your needs – 1, 2, 4, or 8 microarrays per slide.


  • Our microarray printer can print in formats of 1, 2, 4, and 8 arrays per slide. Please see the table below for the maximum number of probes for each of these formats.
  • We use a special printing buffer and post-printing process that allows the probes to immobilize on the surface evenly. This translates into highly homogeneous spots and high quality data.
  • Our manufacturing system is purposefully designed so that your custom microarrays will be compatible with many existing microarray reagents, tools, and instruments.
1 array per slide35,000
2 arrays per slide13,000 per array
4 arrays per slide4,000 per array
8 arrays per slide1,000 per array