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Population Medicine Genetic Testing Service for Health Risk

Population Medicine
Genetic Testing Service
for Health Risk

Cancer , Obesity, Chronic Disease

Knowing your body’s genetic makeup to achieve a healthier life with clear direction

Our technology makes it simple to help you in understanding your pre-disposition with genetic science to form the best strategy for disease prevention and health promotion. The genetic assessment can cover the range which may interest you:

Hereditary diseases

Hereditary breast cancer

Early-onset dementia

Carrier screening

Hereditary hearing loss or impairment


Drug response

Drug side effect

Drug efficacy

Disease susceptibility

Complex cancers

Complicated chronic diseases

Phenotype features

Physical fitness

Skincare focus

Talent potential

Sport performance potential

Alcohol metabolism

Ancestry composition

Ancestry tracing

DNA relatives

One-stop solution

Specialized capability

  • Owning nucleic acid microarray manufacture technology with a daily production of up to 2,000 microarrays
  • With patented double allele amplification technology to enhance signal discrimination, hundreds to thousands of single nucleotide variants can be identified at distinguishing high specificity.
  • The performance of microarray testing is validated with standard samples to comply with the quality system.


  • Phalanx Biotech’s own-brand genetic test products
  • SNV/SNP* microarray customization. You may request the design and production of unique microarrays and reagents for specialized purpose.
  • SNV/SNP analysis service on customer’s demand

Single nucleotide variants (SNV) include point mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), the genetic biomarkers leading to individual phenotype characteristics.

Customization feature

  • Well experienced and flexible in customizing unique SNV/SNP testing products
  • Full range capability for commercialization including sample collection solutions, genetic variation analysis, down to report design.
  • Optional to employ our unique disease risk evaluation model for better prediction power, with adjustable SNV/SNP combination on demand

Support platform

  • Bioinformatics service to evaluate and facilitate the microarray design and development
  • TAF 17025-compliant lab system to provide high quality genetic variation identification service
  • Cloud-base analysis platform as remote support for on-line genetic mutation data analysis and automated report generation

Single nucleotide mutation microarray

Core technology

Production of microarray with high number of pre-synthesized oligo probe Bioinformatics to facilitate the design for high-number oligonucleotide probe within reaction stringency Computation system to harmonize high plex number double allele nucleic acid amplification and hybridization

Core applications

The concise range of content with ease for data quality control best fits the application for group validation and study. Cost efficient to identify positive case for clinical trial on certain genetic features. Affordable solution to develop consumer genetic test for preventive health care, companion test, and complications evaluation for significant health conditions.